Domain Blocking Program Primer

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The launch of the new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) has ushered in a new era of naming conventions. This opens up new avenues for marketing and branding opportunities for both small and large corporations, but it also exposes them to new challenges online. As the list of available extensions grows, brands now face an uphill … Read more

6 Domain Name & DNS Management Practices Every Organization Should Implement

6 Critical Domain and DNS Management Recommendations to Protect Your Brands

As cyber threats evolve and change with new technologies, domain, DNS, and SSL security remains critical for businesses of all sizes, serving as the foundational pillars for establishing and maintaining a secure online presence.  For smaller enterprises, safeguarding domain names helps to ensure brand integrity and protects against cyber threats, which in turn stabilizes and … Read more

Protect Brands and Intellectual Property as .AI Domains While You Still Can

.AI and the protection of intellectual property in the domain space

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to surge in prominence, so does the need for brands and organizations to safeguard their intellectual property through the strategic registration of .AI domain names.

.eco  –  The domain industry’s most credible option for corporate sustainability & environmentally conscious brands

.eco domain names for businesses and organizations that care about sustainability

With the growing importance of sustainability in business, .eco is far and away the most credible way for businesses and organizations to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to sustainability through a domain extension.

Domain Name Monitoring Overview

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Protect brands by detecting fraudulent or infringing domain registrations fast. With thousands of different domain extensions, and with the ability for anyone to register copycat, counterfeit, or misspelled variations of your trademarks and brands at any time, companies need to be vigilant about protecting their intellectual property. Webnames Domain Name Monitoring allows your business to … Read more