Enterprise Cybersecurity Threats & Domain Names

Key online security risks enterprises should monitor and mitigate

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Enterprise Cybersecurity Threats

Domain Name Squatting & Infringements

Impersonation of a domain name through direct domain squatting on infrequently used TLDs, use of misspellings or lookalike special characters for abuse.
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DNS Hijacking & Poisoning

When a bad actor acquires the ability to redirect website visitors to another destination of their choice, for nefarious purposes.
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Expired Domain Names

Inadequate digital asset management practices can result in domain names expiring, after which it can be registered by fraudsters and used for scams or phishing.
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Sub-domain Hijacking

When a malicious actor takes control of a subdomain of a legitimate website, and uses it to commit fraud or counterfeiting.
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Expired Digital Certificates

Expired SSL certificates makes websites and databases vulnerable to security breaches. SSL Monitoring to ensure end to end secure channel access is vital.
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DDoS Attacks

A distributed denial of service attack overwhelms a website with a deluge of traffic. This could lead to downtime and severe disruption to sales and reputation.
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A deceptive practice wherein cybercriminals use creative methods to obtain sensitive data, often leading to data breaches and identity theft.
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