Domain Blocking Programs (GlobalBlock, DPML, AdultBlock)

The most cost-effective way to defend your brand across hundreds of new gTLD extensions.

Benefits of Domain Blocking for Brand Protection

Full control over your brand

Whether you’re looking to prevent misuse on .XXX or .CONSULTING, domain blocking services offer a comprehensive solution for brand owners. These services empower rights holders to block their trademarks or brands across eligible TLD extensions, preventing third parties from registering them as a domain name, including variations, providing an unprecedented level of protection. While this broad blocking mechanism is in place, individual domains can still be used via overrides or unblocking, ensuring you retain full control over your brand or marks.

Gain the peace of mind you deserve

Domain blocking programs, such as GlobalBlock, DPML and AdultBlock, protect registrations matching your registered trademark, unregistered trademark, company/organization name, and even celebrity names across 600+ domain extensions from multiple domain registries. Exact matches and variations of your marks can be blocked to prevent domain registrations that infringe on your brand. Plus, with features like Priority AutoCatch you’ll know that any domains that could not be blocked initially will be blocked the very moment they become available for registration.

Simplified brand protection at an affordable price

Managing defensive domain registrations with renewals and redirects across hundreds of TLDs can be both inefficient and expensive. Domain blocking programs offer significant cost savings to marks holders by helping them avoid litigation, expensive domain aftermarket acquisitions, and serves as the ultimate domain portfolio optimization tool, enabling brands to block domains that were previously too expensive or difficult to register, of a lower risk profile, or not registered due to budgetary limitations. These services protect your brand for multiple years while allowing you to continue using the domains you need.

Domain Blocking Programs and Options

Registry programNumber of covered extensionsMisspelling protectionHomonym protectionPremium names coveredMinimum Term
GlobalBlock600+ 1 year
GlobalBlock+600+ 1 year
DPML — Identity Digital300+0 1 year
DPML Plus — Identity Digital300+3 1 year
EPS — Uni Registry10SMD* 1 year
EPS Plus — Uni Registry10SMD* 1 year
TREx — TMCH43SMD* 1 year
Trademark Sentry — .CLUB1Extra fee 5 years
AdultBlock — ICM Registry4 1 year
AdultBlock+ — ICM Registry4 1 year

All Domain Blocking programs require protected terms to be verified, however each domain registry has a different trademark requirement. For instance, AdultBlock allows protection for unregistered trademarks and celebrities with third-party validation. Learn more about blocks.

Domain portfolio experts defending your brand

Why Protect Your Brand with Domain Blocks

Simplified Domain Portfolio Protection

Designed to be a practical defense mechanism for marks holders, domain blocking programs keep the intellectual properties of brands safe across either a comprehensive or specific list of TLDs, depending on the programs you subscribe to. Most programs allow users to still have full control over their blocks, enabling trademark owners to safeguard their brand’s integrity online.

Proactively Defending Digital Brands

Each domain blocking program has a term of up to five years to ensure long term protection from infringing domain registrations. Domain blocks give your brand full-coverage protection at a fraction of the cost compared to the defensive registration of individual domain names.

Product overview

A Primer on Domain Blocking Services

We’ve taken a deep dive into how domain blocking services work to help you understand how your brand marks can be protected by the different programs we offer. Download this resource to find out more.

Product overview

GlobalBlock: The Beginning of a New Era for Online Brand Protection

GlobalBlock, a domain blocking service introduced by the Brand Safety Alliance, marks a significant leap forward in the realm of online brand protection. This innovative solution offers comprehensive coverage for brands, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple domain blocking programs.


Trademark Clearinghouse Service Overview

Domain Blocking solutions can only protect terms that you hold a Trademark for and require an SMD file. This first requires Trademark Clearinghouse registration which you can learn more about here.

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