The Business Case for Consolidating Domains with a Corporate Registrar

Has a lack of cohesive domain name policy led to your business domains and DNS services being dispersed across multiple service providers? You’re not alone. Many organizations and businesses find themselves in this situation over time because of a lack of policies around domain registration, business units acting independently, and the acquisition of other companies, among other things.

Good domain management is foundational to everything your business does online – it underpins your web presence, e-commerce, business email, apps and more. Consolidating your organization’s domain portfolio with a single ICANN accredited, corporate registrar has a strong and compelling business case. When your domain names and DNS services are consolidated you can increase efficiency and free up internal resources, reduce risk, reduce costs and use your domain names more effectively.

Let’s examine how.


Decentralization increases risk. The more access points, logins and passwords in play, the more vulnerable you become to missed notifications, lapsed domain renewals, downtime and malicious activity by bad actors. Tracking who has access also gets murky, as domains are often an afterthought, if considered at all, in change management processes. A consolidated domain portfolio is easier to protect, especially when you use a corporate registrar with layered account security, domain locks and hardened protocols.


Managing large domain portfolios is not a walk in the park. It’s technical, time consuming and tedious. This is especially true when domain names are spread across multiple registrars. Different features and workflows, different notification systems, inconsistent registrant information and varying standards of support all lead to unpredictability. When you have consolidated portfolio and a dedicated account manager, the heavy lifting is taken off your plate. Domain and DNS administration is streamlined, changes and updates happen fast, workflows and information are standardized, and things don’t fall through the cracks.


When your domain names are scattered across multiple registrars, who do you turn to for expert advice? Which registrar do you turn to advise you on meeting registration requirements, domain acquisition, domain infringement, domain recovery or protecting your trademarks in the evolving domain space? When you consolidate your portfolio with a corporate registrar, you access deep industry expertise that is by turns consultative or actionable, depending on what’s required in any given situation. Advice is tailored to your business because they understand your goals, and what is in the best interest of your online brands.

Cost Savings

Using multiple registrars can drive costs up, even if your domain pricing is low. When your domains are consolidated, it’s much easier to take stock of your digital footprint, eliminate bloat, point unused domains and optimize underperforming assets. Low cost retail registrars also lack enterprise services like invoicing, account reconciliation and regular portfolio reviews that save organizations money and free up their internal resources.

Your Domain Portfolio, Expertly Managed and Optimized to Perform

Despite a strong business case, too many organizations struggle to prioritize domain consolidation because of the strains of internal IT priorities. That’s where Corporate Webnames’ experienced account managers and IT specialists come in. In consultation with your team, we’ll take care of the planning, coordination and seamless migration of your domain names and DNS to our powerful platform, and make sure auto-renewals, security mechanisms, notifications, account details and billing preferences are all set-up according to best practices and what’s best for your team. Once this is complete, your dedicated account manager will review your portfolio, work with your team to make sure every domain is directed to appropriate content and develop a management strategy to keep things optimized moving forward.

A consolidated domain portfolio better protects your digital brands, allowing you to focus on what you best.

Request a Domain Portfolio Audit

Let us show you the benefits of structured, efficient and centralized domain management. The first step towards a consolidated portfolio is a domain audit that takes stock of your domain footprint. Contact Corporate Webnames to arrange a free domain portfolio audit and begin the journey to a better domain strategy.

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