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Domain Name Brokering

The impactful, short, memorable domain names that brands desire are often registered but seldom used by investors or entrepreneurs. Webnames Corporate Domain Brokering professionals can help you acquire the domain names you need for new brands, product launches or marketing campaigns in a discreet, efficient and cost-effective fashion.

Why use a Domain Broker?

With their deep industry experience, our domain brokers give you the upper hand from start to finish — from domain value assessment to outreach, confidential negotiations to successful acquisition, and the secure domain transfer under your ownership.

Benefits of using Webnames Corporate’s domain brokers:

  • Anonymity to protect your business interests
  • Intelligence about the domain’s history, prior usage, and traffic
  • Valuation and negotiation expertise to reduce acquisition costs
  • Professional, transparent processes to keep acquisitions on track
  • Maximum value through strategy, experience & industry connections
Domain consolidation

Strengthen your Domain Portfolio

Infringing and unaccounted for domains can damage your brand’s reputation. Webnames ensures that each domain associated with your brand is accounted for and consolidated under a single account and management structure.

data driven acQuisitions

Targeted Domain Acquisitions

Prior to acquiring a domain name on your behalf, Webnames provides a detailed report – including traffic estimates and the domain’s value to assist in making informed purchase decisions. Read on to find out how domain brokering works.

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Brand protection

Protect Your Brand Online

Everything you need to defend your brand on the web.

Domain Broker FAQs

How much do domain broker services cost?

Our Domain Broker Service is a 3-step process. The first step is domain analysis valuation, for which we charge at a flat reasonable fee. At the end of this step, you will receive an estimate of the domain acquisition cost and you can choose to let us know if you want us to approach the domain owner for a domain acquisition negotiation. The next step is the process of identifying the owner and price negotiation, the costs involved for this step are a fixed percentage of the domain acquisition cost, payable if the acquisition is successful. The final step is domain transfer which does not include any additional fee and is handled by Webnames Corporate in a secure and confidential manner.

What information does the domain valuation report include?

The domain valuation report is prepared by our domain acquisition experts by digging into the domain name’s history of registration and use and by comparing against benchmarks for domain names of a similar length, extension, utility and brandability. The domain valuation report will give you an estimate of the budget that will be required to acquire the domain, if the domain owner is willing to sell. This report is prepared prior to contacting the domain owner and thus the actual domain acquisition price could be lower or higher, depending on the nature of negotiations. Webnames Corporate will always try and secure the domain name for you at the lowest possible price.