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How Traction on Demand Consolidated Their Portfolio to Increase Efficiency

As ToD found it increasingly challenging to be proactive with the company’s domain strategy, it became evident that they needed a more robust solution.

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advantages of SSL/TLS prevalidation | Webnames Corporate SSL Management

SSL / TLS certificate Pre-validation with Advanced SSL Management toolkit

At Webnames we’ve banged the drum that every website needs an SSL certificate for several years now and are happy to inform that the web is today a much safer place due to the wide adoption of SSL and HTTPS. According to the below SSL statistics compiled by Webtribunal (emphasis added by us), over 79% of ... Read more

AdultBlock & Expiring Sunrise B Domains: A Primer for Brand Owners

The expiry of .XXX Sunrise B blocks are slated to take place after 10-years of preventing unwanted registrations across adult domain extensions for brand owners.
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6 Common questions about Corporate SSL Certificate Management, answered

We shortlist and answer 6 frequently asked questions about SSL certificate management at large businesses.

Webnames Advanced Tools for Corporate Domain Portfolios Explained

As businesses and corporations grow, different departments within the organization require access to its domain names for several different reasons.

How to Derive More Value from Your Domain Portfolio with Domain Redirects

Over time, it’s likely that only a small number of domains in your portfolio offer true functional value to your business.

Best Practices for Disaster Proofing Your DNS

DNS will often not get the resources or dedicated attention it deserves given its business critical importance.

The Business Case for Consolidating Domains with a Corporate Registrar

Good domain management is foundational to everything your business does online – it underpins your web presence, e-commerce, and more.

Premium Domain Names — Should You Buy Them for Your Business?

A domain name is more than just a URL. It is an investment that will help you stand out in the virtual world.

Introducing Domain Monitoring for Brand Protection

Scan domains registered in over 1000 domain extensions for mentions of your brand keywords to detect infringements.

6 Corporate Risk Factors Arising from Domain Management Practices

Managing risk is a high priority item for any corporation. Domain names are valuable business assets and the home of your brands online.