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How Traction on Demand Consolidated Their Portfolio to Increase Efficiency

As ToD found it increasingly challenging to be proactive with the company’s domain strategy, it became evident that they needed a more robust solution.

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6 Critical Domain and DNS Management Recommendations to Protect Your Brands

6 Domain Name & DNS Management Practices Every Organization Should Implement

As cyber threats evolve and change with new technologies, domain, DNS, and SSL security remains critical for businesses of all sizes, serving as the foundational pillars for establishing and maintaining a secure online presence.  For smaller enterprises, safeguarding domain names helps to ensure brand integrity and protects against cyber threats, which in turn stabilizes and ... Read more

Enterprise Cybersecurity: Key threat vectors to monitor and mitigate  

From DNS hijacking to domain spoofing to counterfeiting and SSL key compromise, each threat poses a unique set of challenges that demand proactive mitigation strategies.
.AI and the protection of intellectual property in the domain space

Protect Brands and Intellectual Property as .AI Domains While You Still Can

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to surge in prominence, so does the need for brands and organizations to safeguard their intellectual property through the strategic registration of .AI domain names.
TMCH marks protection in domain names | Webnames Corporate

Trademark Clearinghouse: Reliable Protection for Brands & Marks in the Domain Space

After 10-years, we thought it was timely to revisit the benefits of the TMCH to marks owners, as well as review how it protects domain names in practice.
Domain Name Security – The first pillar of Enterprise Cybersecurity

Domain Name Security – The first pillar of Enterprise Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks are continuously evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated – and domain names, as the face of brands online, are a prime target for attackers.
.eco domain names for businesses and organizations that care about sustainability

.eco  –  The domain industry’s most credible option for corporate sustainability & environmentally conscious brands

With the growing importance of sustainability in business, .eco is far and away the most credible way for businesses and organizations to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to sustainability through a domain extension.
holistic year end domain, dns, ssl security review

Run a Domain, DNS, & SSL Security Year End Review Today

In the domain name, DNS and SSL management space, many organizations have yet to implement powerful, cost effective security features that are the backbone of defensive security strategy.
advantages of SSL/TLS prevalidation | Webnames Corporate SSL Management

SSL / TLS certificate Pre-validation with Advanced SSL Management toolkit

SSL adoption has increased significantly over the past 5 years; however, installing SSL certificates and ensuring that secure channel access is maintained is not always easy for people who are not well versed with the technical nuances involved.
Digital security abstract lines

AdultBlock & Expiring Sunrise B Domains: A Primer for Brand Owners

The expiry of .XXX Sunrise B blocks are slated to take place after 10-years of preventing unwanted registrations across adult domain extensions for brand owners.
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6 Common questions about Corporate SSL Certificate Management, answered

We shortlist and answer 6 frequently asked questions about SSL certificate management at large businesses.