Premium DNS Overview

Webnames Corporate Premium DNS ensures that mission critical websites are secure, fast and always available.

Premium DNS Highlights

Take full control of your DNS and benefit from world-class performance, leading security features and expert DNS support when you need it.

  • 15+ DNS record types, including ALIAS
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Multi-layered DDoS protection
  • Full service set-up, changes & support
  • Globally distributed Anycast nodes
  • Powerful DNS management tools

All features automatically included under Webnames’ Domain Premium Bundle.

Full Control over your DNS Records

15+ Supported Record Types, including ALIAS

  • ALIAS (auto resolved alias)
  • A (host address)
  • AAAA (IPv6 host address)
  • CAA (certification authority authorization)
  • CNAME (canonical name for alias)
  • MX (mail exchange)
  • NAPTR (naming authority pointer)
  • NS (nameserver)
  • PTR (pointer)
  • RP (responsible person)
  • SOA (start of authority)
  • SPF TXT (sender policy framework)
  • SRV (service locator)
  • TLSA (transport layer security authentication)
  • TXT (descriptive text)

Also included:

  • DNSSEC Zone Sighting
  • Root URL forwarding
  • Subdomain URL redirection

Powerful DNS Management Tools, including Automated Updates

Zone file templates for easy DNS updates
Zone file scheduling for automated DNS updates
Zone file version control DNS rollbacks and auditing
Zone file import/export for streamlined DNS set-up
Customizable TTL settings
Easy-to-use DNS management control panel

Premium DNS Security and Performance

DNSSECfor security, authentication and exploit prevention

Secure DNS queries to validate the origin of DNS data, prevent data and message interception, and avoid cache poisoning that can redirect users to fraudulent websites.

Anycast DNSfor speed, load distribution and redundancy

With 20+ globally distributed, fully redundant anycast nodes, websites resolve fast and without interruption worldwide, protecting you from network outages and DDoS attacks.

Expert DNS Support Whenever You Need It

Webnames’ Corporate Account Managers are experts in setting up domains to specification. They can help with everything from implementing DNS settings, to configuring DNSSEC, rolling back DNS changes, and scheduling DNS updates. Consider our team a direct extension of your IT department that can be counted on for expedient, expert DNS support whenever you need it.

100% DNS Resolution + 24/7 Emergency Support

Your business and reputation cannot afford downtime. Webnames Premium DNS is backed by an SLA that guarantees 100% uptime and 24×7 emergency escalation support for corporate clients.

For more information, email us at or contact us at 1-866-470-6820.