Security Products: Domains, DNS, Account Protection

Protect critical domains and online properties with our comprehensive suite of security products and services.

As cybercrime continues to increase worldwide, so does domain abuse, DDoS attacks, phishing, and data theft. These threats can have serious ramifications on revenue, brand reputation, and customer trust if critical services are impacted. Public companies, organizations and businesses need need to proactively protect business critical domains, DNS, and accounts by eliminating security vulnerabilities wherever they can. With our best-in-class security products, hardened protocols, and security-focused culture, Webnames Corporate can reduce the potential of an attack and protect your business.

Powerful Domain and DNS Safeguards

Your business counts on the reliability and security of your domain names and DNS. Our security services provide comprehensive protection from a wide variety of threats and vulnerabilities.

Domain WHOIS Privacy

Eliminate the risk of corporate contact information being scraped from the WHOIS and used for nefarious purposes like domain theft, phishing, spoofing, impersonation or unauthorized registrations by anonymizing the identifiable information associated with your domains.

Corporate contact information, and especially that of C-suite executives and middle management decision makers, is prized by bad actors who may use it for impersonation, spoofing or in the registration details of look-alike domain names.

Domain Locks: Registrar Lock

Protect valuable domains from unauthorized changes and theft by implementing an added layer of security.

Registrar Lock requires manual authentication and unlocking by Webnames before nameserver changes, transfers and other changes can be initiated.

Domain Locks: Registry Lock

Lock down business critical domains at the registry-operator level for utmost security.

Registry Lock implements a further, independent authentication layer above that of the registrar. It requires rigorous authentication of Webnames staff by the registry-operator before a domain can be unlocked for nameserver updates, transfers and other changes.”

Available for .CA, .COM, .NET domain extensions.

Domain locks

Secondary DNS Hosting

DNS outages can impact and interrupt a wide range of business-critical services, including primary websites, email servers, and multi-tier web applications.

Webnames Anycast DNS is the most comprehensive secondary DNS service in Canada and among the best in the industry worldwide, amplifying your protection from DDoS attacks and increasing your DNS redundancy. It features 20+ globally distributed nodes, 2 Anycast clouds, 24-hour monitoring and 100% uptime SLA. Our Anycast DNS is both easy integrate and maintain, whether an organization operates their own DNS or utilizes Webnames’ DNS services.


Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) help to prevent malicious activities like cache poisoning, pharming, and man-in-the-middle attacks by attaching a digital signature to your DNS information that cryptographically guarantees the response to a DNS query has not been altered or spoofed.

Comprehensive Account Security

Safeguard your account and domain portfolio with a suite of powerful security and management tools.

Two Factor Authentication

Fortify your account against hijacking with Webnames two-factor authentication. Bolster it further by layering Google Authenticator TOTP two-factor on top of our SMS option.

Role Based Permissions

Reduce risk by assigning authorized users different roles, levels of account access, and domain management capabilities according to their role or position within your organization.

Account Lock & IP Whitelisting

Protect your domains from hijacking, unauthorized transfers, DNS changes and tampering by restricting account access to an approved IP or range of IP addresses. Enhance your security in the event of a password leak or rogue employee.

Account Activity Tracking

Retain oversight of every action taken in your domain portfolio. Review activity by domain, username, timestamp or bill/invoice number. Every tracked event is contextualized with system logs and updated in real time for transparency.

Secure Multi-User Access

Safely support multiple, users, eliminate password sharing, and empower teams to self manage by providing authorized staff with unique login credentials.

Thorough Identity Validation

Our unique and proprietary methods of identity validation eliminate phishing and client impersonation threats to protect your corporate domain accounts.

Domain Monitoring and Intelligence

Defend your brand from reputational damage and other fraudulent activity by detecting unauthorized domain registrations when they occur. On a daily basis we inventory the 400M+ domain registrations that exist globally, as well as monitor new domain registrations and deletions taking place each day.

Ongoing Domain Monitoring

Identify unsanctioned, potentially infringing, or fraudulent usage of your brands and corporate names in the domain space.

Zero-in on deceptive lookalike domains that leverage misspellings or typos.

Know when domains get registered within your company without authorization, as well as when domains of interest are deleted from the Internet.

Instant Domain Intelligence Report

Discover if your brand is being used without your knowledge.

Conduct brand development research to understand how potential named are being used online before making a critical business decision.

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