6 Domain Name & DNS Management Practices Every Organization Should Implement

6 Critical Domain and DNS Management Recommendations to Protect Your Brands

As cyber threats evolve and change with new technologies, domain, DNS, and SSL security remains critical for businesses of all sizes, serving as the foundational pillars for establishing and maintaining a secure online presence.  For smaller enterprises, safeguarding domain names helps to ensure brand integrity and protects against cyber threats, which in turn stabilizes and … Read more

Protect Brands and Intellectual Property as .AI Domains While You Still Can

.AI and the protection of intellectual property in the domain space

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to surge in prominence, so does the need for brands and organizations to safeguard their intellectual property through the strategic registration of .AI domain names.

Domain Name Security – The first pillar of Enterprise Cybersecurity

Domain Name Security – The first pillar of Enterprise Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks are continuously evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated – and domain names, as the face of brands online, are a prime target for attackers.

The Growing Threat of Domain Hijacking (and How to Protect Against It)

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Whenever domain hijacking occurs, hackers can gain full control over a domain name, including its DNS settings. This may result in one or all of the following scenarios: Domain Hijacking Cases Domain hijackers typically target the domain names of reputable brands in order to steal the domain name or to intercept sensitive corporate data. In … Read more