Corporate Domain Portfolio Management: Is it Right for Your Business?

Domain names are valuable business assets and the home of your brands online. If they go offline, even briefly, it can have serious implications on revenue, brand and customer trust. If they are poorly managed and spread across multiple registrars, your business is exposing itself to increased risk and expending unnecessary time, resources and money.

Top 5 Domain Management Business Risks

1. Lack of Clear Policies and Ownership

In many organizations, domain name management is diffuse, lacking strong policies and accountability. Business units might register domains independently, relying on IT for technical management and implementation. If there is a designated Domain Manager, they are often administratively-focused, with limited resources, time or knowledge to optimize the domain portfolio for performance, cost savings and strategy.

Business problems and threats: Inefficiency, cost overruns, siloed knowledge, missed branding opportunities, lack of cohesive strategy and increased security risk.

Webnames consults, coordinates and expertly manages your domain portfolio, keeping it organized, in compliance and adhering to best practice.

2. Domains Spread Across Multiple Registrar

Domain names spread across multiple registrars is not uncommon for large businesses. It can be the result of business units acting independently, acquisition of companies, or bygone business decisions that have simply endured. When domains are scattered, there often is lack of clarity around how many domains an organization owns, where they are pointed, what information is associated with them, and who can access them.

Business problems and threats: Amorphous digital footprint, renewal lapses, unresolving/unoptimized domains, overspending, incorrect financial forecasting or budgeting, and increased security risk.

Webnames can locate your domain assets, consolidate and secure your entire domain portfolio, and optimize its performance.

3. Distributed Account Access

Multiple registrar accounts can lead to ambiguity around who has access to what, and weakened security around login details. Retail and budget registrars overwhelmingly lack enterprise solutions like unique login credentials, predefined user roles and limitations on what can be accessed.

Business problems and threats: Unauthorized access and users, rogue registrations, use of personal account and registrant details, change management vulnerabilities, account lockouts, domain interference/theft/hijacking.

Webnames provides different user access levels and account activity reports to effectively structure, secure and monitor your account.

4. Insufficient Domain Security

What measures do you currently have in place to protect your core domains? If you’re having a difficult time answering that question, the answer is probably “few”. Only corporate focused registrars have the security tools and hardened protocols that enterprises need to remain secure in the face of evolving security threats. IP access restrictions, domain and registrar-level security locks, account activity logs, user control permissions and DNS redundancy are all integral to keeping business critical domains safe.

Business problems and threats: Account lockouts, unauthorized users, unauthorized changes to domains/nameservers/registrant information, domain expiry, domain hijacking or theft and DNS attacks.

Webnames has five levels of online security that can be layered to protect corporate accounts and domain names from vulnerabilities and threat.

5. Accounting and Payment Challenge

With the potential for hundreds, even thousands, of small purchases annually and different business units requiring separate forecasting, billing and reporting, the accounting side of domain management can be complex and administratively challenging – especially if multiple registrars are being used.

Business problems and threats: Flawed forecasting and budgeting, wasted cycles and resources in reconciliation and reporting, missed payments leading to service disruption or termination.

Webnames offers flexible payment methods, invoicing, reconciliation and forecasting – accounting support services unheard of in the retail space

Your domain portfolio, expertly secured and managed to perform

Taking control of your domain names and eliminating unchecked vulnerabilities is vital to the security of your online presence. If you recognize your business in the scenarios outlined above, it’s time to start treating your corporate domain portfolio like the invaluable business asset it is.

Webnames’ Domain Portfolio Management protects and promotes your brand online. Our expert account managers coupled with our powerful user-platform reduce the risk, complexity, and cost of managing a large domain portfolio. And unlike some other Corporate registrars, full service support and consultation is included. There are no additional fees for domain updates, changes, day-to-day management and reporting.

Why Trust Your Domain Portfolio to Webnames?

Webnames Corporate Services manages domain portfolios for more of Canada’s top brands, organizations and law firms than any other registrar, including Canadian Tire, MEC, Loblaws, Shaw, Post Media, National Bank, among others. We’re 100% Canadian, have an 18-year strong A+ BBB rating, and true industry veterans with a history that dates back to the founding of the .CA extension in 1987.

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