Cybersecurity Threat: DDoS Attacks

Understand the risk of denial of service attacks to your business.

What is the threat of DDoS Attacks?

Threat assessment

A DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack works by overwhelming a website, server, DNS node or cloud service with simulated traffic. Usually this makes use of a botnet or a network of compromised devices on the internet to spoof traffic, causing a website or domain to become inaccessible to everyone.

Potential impacts

DDoS attacks on mission critical properties such as e-commerce websites or corporate websites can cripple all activity on it and interrupt all functionality. This can lead to lost business, damage to brand reputation and reliability as well as potentially consuming resources in your IT infrastructure.

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Prevent DDoS risks

Since DDoS attacks use a high amount of traffic, it may be impossible to proactively prevent an attack. The best recourse is to ensure that you can detect an unexpected increase in traffic and that you have a multi-tier DDoS mitigation plan in place across your DNS, servers and load balancers.

reactive risk mitigation

Recover from a DDoS attack

DDoS mitigation requires deploying techniques such as scrubbing of all incoming traffic through a system like CloudFlare to filter for suspected bad traffic, and multicast DNS measures that facilitate smooth recovery. Get in touch for further details.

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