Cybersecurity Threat: Expired Digital Certificates

A closer look at the risks posed by expired SSL/TLS certificates to corporate cybersecurity.

What is the threat of Expired SSL Certificates?

Threat assessment

SSL/TLS certificates underpin the secure exchange of information over the internet, and expired certificates result in loss of encryption that could make potentially sensitive data vulnerable to theft. Since an SSL certificate is usually purchased as a separate component that also requires re-installation at renewal, many organizations may be vulnerable and unaware of the certificate expiry.

Potential impacts

An incorrectly configured or expired SSL on a high traffic website can expose your business to impersonation, fraud, loss of personal or financial information, email breaches and intellectual property compromise. This could lead to severe reputational harm, legal liabilities and loss of business, without proper mitigation.

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Prevent SSL Expiry Risk

A robust SSL certificate management process includes active monitoring of secure layer communications, multiple renewal reminders, automated renewals, and periodic manual audits. Webnames Corporate helps you do just that with our advanced SSL monitoring suite.

reactive risk mitigation

Recover from SSL Certificate Expiry

If your business has been impacted by an expired digital certificate, Webnames Corporate can help reinstate encrypted communications, enable SSL monitoring and with impact assessment and follow-up from the incident.

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