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Webnames Corporate specializes in purpose-built, client centered, security focused domain and SSL portfolio management.

Established in 2001, Webnames Corporate has more than two decades of experience delivering exceptional customer service. We center the needs of our clients in everything that we do, from portfolio management, to security recommendations, strategic brand protection and product development.  

All members of Webnames Corporate are senior domain industry professionals. With decades of domain registry, DNS, and technology experience, Webnames’ co-founders John Demco and CEO Cybele Negris are active in the company’s daily operations and strategic direction, while our Corporate Services leadership team has incredible expertise in domain name, DNS and SSL portfolio management, security hardening, TLD strategy, brand protection strategy, portfolio rightsizing, accounting support and sharing industry knowledge.

The industry expertise and dedication to exceeding client expectations that our team embodies has won the trust of Fortune 500 companies, lawfirms and governments across North America and from a cross section of industries including Automotive, Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Consulting, Construction, Entertainment, Food Servies, Manufacturing, Media and Telecommunications, Pharma, Technology and Retail.  

We frequently work as an extension of embedded IT, legal and trademark teams and are a deeply integrated service provider. Our team excels at providing high touch personal service and building close working relationships that enable us to tailor solutions to our clients’ needs. We streamline processes and anticipate opportunities that enhance performance, while keeping steps ahead of potential challenges and security concerns. Bilingual in French and English, we also assist clients in Spanish and Mandarin, among other languages, taking pride in the flexibility and diversity of our team. 

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John Demco


John Demco is a Canadian Internet pioneer whose accomplishments include managing the Canadian academic and research network CDNnet; helping to establish the first connection to the U.S.NSFnet; hosting the first Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting held outside of the U.S., among other notable achievements.

While in the role of manager of Computing Facilities in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, John created the .CA domain in 1987, acting as its initial registrar on a volunteer basis, serving in that capacity and chairing the .CA Domain Committee until 2000.

John co-founded with partner Cybele Negris in 2000, where today he chairs the security committee, provides guidance on registry matters, compliance, internet policy and governance. He also helped to establish CIRA, and is a founding member of its Board of Directors.

Cybele Negris

CEO and Co-Founder

Cybele Negris co-founded in 2000, steering its evolution into the security driven, brand-protection focused, proactively client centric registrar that is Webnames Corporate today.

Cybele continues to play a key role in the ideation and development of Webnames Corporate’s enterprise-focused management and security features, in addition to providing strategic and governance leadership. She has been instrumental in developing the company’s ethos, centering client experience, integrity, community, diversity, and sustainability in day-to-day corporate operations. 

Outside of Webnames, Cybele serves as an ICD.D accredited director on numerous corporate boards, specializing in security, risk, and compliance. She also has a long history of mentoring, advocacy and promotion of women, girls, and woman-identifying persons in STEM/STEAM.

Nicholas Caristinos

Senior Manager of Corporate Accounts & Domain Management Services 

With more than 15-years in the domain name business, Nicholas Caristinos is an experienced, technically proficient domain name strategist and portfolio manager. With his expert understanding of DNS and SSL/TLS, Nick brings coherence and a rigorous security mindset to managing client domain assets and protecting trademarks and brands online.

In addition to his work with Fortune 500 clients, Nick is an accomplished domain name broker, successfully brokering record-setting domain sales and acquisitions. He is equally comfortable working with IT Managers as IP Lawyers, as he is at communicating in English or French and has degrees in computer systems networking and radio broadcasting.

A devoted Montreal Canadiens fan, Nick is passionate about hockey, geopolitics, cooking and enjoys getting into the outdoors with his family around beautiful Vancouver.

Shawn Randhawa

VP of Business Development

As Webnames VP of Business Development, Shawn Randhawa uses his nealy 10-years of domain industry experience to develop new business for Webnames Corporate. He specializes in working with corporations, lawfirms and government, capturing their specific needs to develop custom domain and SSL portfolio management strategies that better optimize, secure, and proactively protect their brands and trademarks online.

Shawn especially enjoys the process of consolidating dispersed domain assets from multiple registrars into one organized, efficient-to-manage, cost effective domain portfolio that can be securely used by multiple teams and users.

With a degree in Computer Systems, he can seamlessly consult on technical requirements with IT Directors as well as strategize brand protection strategies with Marketing, Brand and Trademark professionals. Outside of his work with Webnames Corporate, Shawn is a certified lifeguard who enjoys swimming in the ocean, exploring new travel destinations with his family and teaching kickboxing.

Emilia Panakova

CPA, CMA Financial Controller

Emilia has been with / Webnames Corporate since its inception in 2000, providing strategic financial planning, financial analysis, and management. In her role at she is active in all areas of the business and works closely with the management team, the software development team, as well as the board of directors.

Through her work with large corporate and government clients, Emilia has been instrumental in developing a wide range of financial reports and services for Webnames Corporate clients as part of our service offering. Emilia keeps the accounting side of domain management predictable, accurate and efficient. Before getting her CPA designation in Canada, Emilia worked in chemical engineering in the EU.

Outside of work, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with Emilia on trails, hikes and cross country ski runs around Vancouver.

Garrett Saundry

Manager of Operations, Product and Programs

Garrett Saundry is Webnames Corporate’s lynchpin. With 15-years of domain industry experience, Garrett guides the development of product at Webnames Corporate from inception to market while overseeing the performance of existing services, including TLDs, DNS, and SSL. He also specializes in registry relations and compliance.

With 25 years of experience working in the tech sector, much of that time spent cultivating teams that deliver exceptional customer experiences, Garrett’s product leadership is deeply informed by user experience, and a desire to make domain management simultaneously simple and secure.

With degrees in audio engineering and contemporary music performance, he enjoys making music, exploring the outdoors with his family, drone flying, and the occasional craft beer.

Jordan Rieger

Head of Software Development

Jordan is Webnames Corporate’s Head of Software Development and over the last decade he has been instrumental in developing Webnames world class systems, front-end domain and DNS management tools, and registry integrations. He leads a talented technical team that is deeply committed to developing powerful features that IT professionals love, and yet are simple enough to use for most retail end users. A problem solver to his core, he enjoys debugging software issues and leveraging data to answer complex business questions. 

Outside of his work in IT, Jordan enjoys playing floor hockey, online chess and recently published a techno-thriller novel about Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin. 

Alex Li

Head of IT

Alex is Webnames Corporate’s Head of IT Operations. With a background in Systems Administration and more than 20 years of experience working in the enterprise domain, DNS and hosting space, Alex has deep expertise in IT infrastructure design, implementation, and security.

During the past two decades, he has implemented major technological and operational IT changes to keep Webnames systems ahead of the curve and provide a seamless experience for corporate clients. 

A longtime resident of Vancouver, Alex enjoys getting out into nature with his family and playing competitive badminton at high level, regularly participating in regional tournaments.

Julianna Horvat

Marketing and Communications Manager

Julianna has worked in digital product development, digital marketing, PR and communications for nearly two decades, mostly within the tech, media, and financial industries. A former archaeologist, she now combs data to understand customer behaviors, build campaigns and improve the usability of interfaces. She is also interested in emergent technology and technology ethics.

In addition to her digital marketing work, you’ll find her representing Webnames Corporate at industry trade shows and events where she enjoys discussing digital brand protection and brand abuse prevention strategies. 

In winter you can find Julianna snowshoeing along the river, while in the summer she spends her time cycling and talking to plants in her garden.


Webnames Corporate is a certified WBE and CAMSC business

Webnames Corporate is a women-owned business, certified by WBE Canada and CAMSC. We are among the very few women-owned and women-led Domain Name Registrars worldwide. Webnames is actively engaged in community initiatives including support for cancer research and women in tech.


Webnames Corporate is ClimateSmart Certified

Over the last decade, Webnames Corporate has diligently worked to lower its environmental footprint. As a Climate-Smart Certified business, we have reduced workplace GHG emissions by 60% since 2016. Moreover, the choice to use data centres powered by renewable energy and cooled by water systems instead of high energy consuming air conditioning further reduces climate impacts, allowing us to offer more sustainable services to our clients.

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