Cybersecurity Threat: Expired Domain Names

Resources to understand the risk of domain name expiry, intentionally or otherwise.

What is the threat of Expired Domains?

Threat assessment

With hundreds of generic top level domain extensions (gTLDs), almost anybody can register a domain name that matches or contains a brand or company name or other protected marks with the intention of impersonation, counterfeiting or even simply squatting on it. Countermeasure include registering protected marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse using domain blocks such as Global Block as well as ongoing domain monitoring for early detection of infringements.

Potential impacts

Much like its counterpart in real estate, domain squatting is a violation of property rights, only in this instance of intellectual property. The potential impact could range from impersonation for phishing emails using the infringing domain, to counterfeit sales or even as a vehicle to infiltrate an organization for corporate espionage. The impact depends on intent, which in some cases could simply be a parked page for a future sale to the rightful owner at a price premium.

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Prevent Domain Expiry Risk

A robust domain portfolio management process that includes automated renewals, expiry protection and periodic domain portfolio audits is essential to prevent cybersecurity risks rising from expired domain names.

reactive risk mitigation

Recover from Domain Expiry

If an expired domain name was used to attack of impersonate a business, Webnames Corporate can help you with a playbook to mitigate the damage, take the domain name down or acquire it and to warn other stakeholders who may be victims of the attack.

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