Cybersecurity Threat: Phishing

What is phishing and how to protect your business from phishing attacks.

What is the threat of Phishing?

Threat assessment

Phishing attacks rely on luring employees of organizations into visiting pages or downloading content with malicious code, with the goal of compromising their credentials or gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information. Awareness and training are the most effective ways to minimize phishing risk.

Potential impacts

Phishing and whaling (a form of targeted phishing) are the digital equivalent of social engineering. The impact on an organization can be devastating loss of protected confidential information, privileged access to transactional, financial or other data, depending on the access level of the compromised accounts.

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Prevent Phishing

Links or attachments in email, text messages or instant messaging apps are the most common threat vectors. Mandatory training programs for staff in conjunction with simulated phishing attempts, and mandatory multi-factor authentication are essential measures to protect against phishing.

reactive risk mitigation

Recover from Phishing

Once a phishing attack has been detected it is essential to audit the accounts and all assets that it had access to, for traces of unauthorized access and data transfer. The audit response will determine the scope of recovery, in addition to training and process changes for preventing a recurrence of the attack.

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