One Flexible Billing System to manage multiple teams, roles and 1000+ domains

With the potential for hundreds, even thousands, of small purchases across multiple departments, the accounting component of corporate domain management can be tedious. Webnames Corporate works with enterprises and organizations to alleviate accounting challenges and to meet their unique requirements regarding budgeting, billing, accounts payable and reporting.

With a comprehensive range of accounting features and services, including invoicing, separate billing across business units, statements of account, reporting, forecasting and more, we can tailor a billing solution to your business needs.

Flexible Billing and Invoicing

How is your organization currently paying for its corporate domains and services? Is it consistent across departments? Are processes in place to ensure credit cards do not expire? Are domain-related expenses tracked, transparent and accounted for?

Webnames Corporate offers monthly invoicing and customized billing options that eliminate guesswork and streamline administration, including:

  • Separate invoicing and billing across multiple departments or countries
  • Invoice itemization according to your specifications
  • Up-to-date statements of account available in your dashboard, or by request
  • Receipt and fulfillment of purchase orders
  • Direct submission into accounts payable systems

*Invoicing is applicable to all Webnames services, including auto-renewals

Tell us how and when you prefer to be billed, and we’ll work with you to accommodate your specifications.

Payment and Currency Options

Payment preferences can vary greatly by organization, and even by department. Webnames Corporate accepts a wide range of payment options including credit card, cheque, online banking and wire transfers – in both Canadian and US currencies – to give you maximum flexibility and control.

Need to manage your spending? Carry an account balance and never exceed your budget. Assign pre-paid credits to child accounts to manage client or departmental spending. Receive a daily email showing your balance and upcoming transactions, as well as a monthly statement of account that includes transactions by child accounts.

Financial Support: Forecasting, Statements of Account, Auditing

Webnames Corporate provides numerous accounting support services to make life easier for your finance department, saving them time and resources. Forecasting for annual budget preparation, regular statements of account aligning with your fiscal calendar, and preparation of reports for auditors are just a few of the services we provide upon request. Our finance team will keep things predictable, efficient and accurate.

Tax Exemption Status

Not-for-profit or government organization? Webnames Corporate will work with you to get tax exemption status in place at the beginning to maximize upfront savings.