Domain Name Monitoring Overview

Protect brands by detecting fraudulent or infringing domain registrations fast.

With thousands of different domain extensions, and with the ability for anyone to register copycat, counterfeit, or misspelled variations of your trademarks and brands at any time, companies need to be vigilant about protecting their intellectual property.

Webnames Domain Name Monitoring allows your business to detect, monitor and act against infringing domain registrations before they can impact your brand or reputation.

Domain Monitoring Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Coverage of 1200+ TLDs, collectively encompassing 300,000,000 domain registrations
  • Daily reporting on any new domain registrations that contain your brand or chosen keywords
  • One-time, immediate reporting on domain registrations containing a specified term
  • WHOIS link provided for every result for registrant intelligence
  • Ability to choose from five different search variants
  • Ability to choose frequency of ongoing scheduled reports
  • Ability to specify multiple report recipients

Key Benefits

  • Identify potentially infringing or fraudulent usage of brands and names fast
  • Discover if your brand is being used without your knowledge
  • Zero-in on sneaky lookalike domains that make use of similar misspellings
  • Detect unauthorized domain registrations from within your company
  • Research new branding and naming opportunities
  • Gain competitive intelligence by tracking competitor brands and domain names

How Domain Monitoring Works

While core brands and trademarks should be continuously tracked in the domain sphere, there may be instances, for example like research or competitive intelligence, where a status report on a keyword or phrase is all you need. Webnames Domain Monitoring covers both these bases with its Ongoing Monitoring and One-Time Search options, searching more than 3-million registrations across 1200+ top-level domain extensions.

Ongoing Monitoring

Receive a daily report in your inbox and dashboard of any newly registered domains that contain your term, brand or trademark.

One-Time Search

Receive an immediate, one-time report of how a term, brand or trademark is being used in domain name registrations.

Who should use domain monitoring?

Domain monitoring is an important tool in the arsenal of any professional tasked with monitoring, protecting and reporting on how and where brands are being used online, including:

  • Lawyers & Trademark Agents
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing & Public Relations Teams
  • Corporate Domain Managers
  • IT & Cybersecurity Professionals