Expert Advice on Consolidating Your Domain Portfolio

At Webnames, we regularly deal with customers transferring their domain names over to us from other registrars. There are many good reasons to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another. One of the best is to consolidate all your domain names, which will allow you to manage your entire domain portfolio in one place and at one price.

Your business can benefit significantly through consolidation. Having all of your domains under one registrar reduces the confusion of managing multiple domain names under multiple accounts. View key information such as domain renewal dates, DNS settings, contact details, and more all under one account. With some of the most advanced domain management tools in the industry make changes to your entire domain portfolio with just a few clicks.

Not only does a consolidated domain portfolio simplify the administrative process, you’ll also be able to take advantage of services than can keep your domain portfolio safe and secure. Through parent-child permissions give your team them access that they need, while maintaining the security of your domain portfolio. With the Account Activity Tracker, log all of the actions taken in your portfolio. Sort activity by domain, username, timestamp, and bill/invoice number.

Included with the core domain management features, your business will be supported by an experienced dedicated account manager offering comprehensive portfolio consultation and assessments. All services can be fully managed on your behalf, or entirely self-serve. With 24/7 emergency escalation support, and an average of 60 second telephone response times in both English and French, you’ll be well equipped for any challenges that may arise.

How do I transfer my domains?

Transferring is easy… There are a few steps to take before you begin the process of transferring your domain names to from your current registrar(s).

  • First you will need to ensure that the domain names are not expired or with in 14 days of expiration, to avoid having them expire during the transfer process.
  • Second you will want to ensure that the contact details, and most importantly the admin contact email listed on the domain name, are active so that you will be able to receive all transfer confirmation emails.
  • Third you will need to contact your current registrar and request that they remove any locks from the domain name and issue you the AUTHCODES (also called an EPP Code or Transfer key) for the domain name(s) you are going to be transferring. For .CA domains you may want to have your current registrar resend you a copy of your CIRA log in details, which you will need to confirm the transfer of registrar.

Once you have all of these steps completed you are ready to log into your account and submit your domain name(s) for a transfer of registrar. With you can submit up to 10 non .CA domains in one transaction. For .CA domains you can submit one, some or all of the .CA domains held by a CIRA registrant.

After submitting the transfer of registrar to your account we will send out a confirmation email to the admin contact listed in your account to confirm the transfer, or for .CA domains CIRA will send a confirmation email to the admin contact to confirm the transfer by logging into the CIRA interface to confirm. Once confirmed the transfer will take 5 to 7 days to complete and the domain name to show in your account. The domain name will automatically be renewed for one year upon successful completion of the registrar transfer.

Now that you have consolidated your domain name portfolio with Webnames Corporate, you can get started using our great extras like free domain forwarding, email channeling, hosting, SSL certificates and much more.