Webnames Advanced Corporate Management Tools Explained

As businesses and corporations grow, different departments within the organization require access to its domain names for several different reasons. Whether it’s the marketing team initiating the purchase of a domain for a product launch, or the finance department accounting for the different expenses incurred through domain management activities — several people, probably more, within a large organization will need access to its corporate domain portfolio.  Generally, there are two ways in which a … Read more

How to Derive More Value from Your Domain Portfolio with Domain Redirects

redirect domain names concept | Webnames Corporate

Whether your corporation employs a straightforward strategic approach to domain name registrations, or a more proactive, approach that also encompasses defensive domain registrations, over time it’s likely that only a small number of domains in your portfolio offer true functional value to your business.  Let’s assume your firm follows best practices recommended by top domain portfolio management providers and employs a defensive registration strategy. In addition to services such as Domain Monitoring, DPML, and Trademark Clearinghouse, defensive registrations can provide value and long-term cost … Read more

The Business Case for Consolidating Domains with a Corporate Registrar

why domain consolidation is good for your business

Has a lack of cohesive domain name policy led to your business domains and DNS services being dispersed across multiple service providers? You’re not alone. Many organizations and businesses find themselves in this situation over time because of a lack of policies around domain registration, business units acting independently, and the acquisition of other companies, … Read more

Do you need a premium domain for your business? We have the answer!

There’s a lot more in a name than you can imagine. Names give your business identity. It is your first point of interaction with your potential customers and getting it right brings you that much closer to forging a lasting relationship with them. Names are crucial in the online world because, unlike at a store … Read more

6 Corporate Risk Factors Arising from Domain Management Practices

Managing risk is a high priority item for any corporation. Domain names are valuable business assets and the home of your brands online. If they go offline, even briefly, it can have serious implications on revenue, brand and customer trust. If a corporate domain name portfolio is poorly managed, without defined policies and adherence to domain management best … Read more

New gTLD Strategies: 5 Key Considerations

The launch of the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLDs) is well underway and your brand needs to strengthen its position online. While close to 900 extensions have already launched, ICANN expects gTLD registries around the world to continue launch extensions through 2017. This creates a unique situation for brands online – new branding opportunities … Read more

The Advantages of Consolidating Your Domain Names

If you have more than one domain name, you probably know that it can sometimes be a headache keeping track of which names are registered where, and when they expire. Here in customer support, we will occasionally getasked “Is there any way to make all my domains expire on the same day?” Unfortunately, there isn’t. There … Read more

Cornering the Market for your Brands – Developing an Effective Domain Strategy

In the mix of things as you need to market your business and promote your brand, domain names are inexpensive and they cost a fraction of a battered reputation or the legal expenses incurred if someone registers your name and uses it to drive traffic to their website or to post objectionable material. For most … Read more