Webinar: Domain Name & DNS Threat Prevention Best Practices & Tools for a Secure Corporate Domain Portfolio

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Protecting and defending corporate domain names and DNS is a critical component of any effective corporate cybersecurity strategy. Companies not only need to be aware of the evolving threats to domain names but the best security strategies and tools available to defend corporate domain portfolios and the brands they represent. Presented by Webnames Corporate’s Senior … Read more

Webinar: What’s next for .XXX Sunrise-B Domains & Understanding AdultBlock

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Learn more about the upcoming expiry of Sunrise B protections for .XXX domains and how to transition to its successor AdultBlock. Brand Protection professionals and corporations worldwide can use AdultBlock to protect their trademarks, brand names and other important keywords from abuse on adult domain name extensions such as .XXX, .PORN, .SEX and .ADULT. In … Read more

Corporate Domain Portfolio Management, Perfected

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Webnames Corporate is a leading corporate domain registrar and the first .CA registrar globally. Since 2000, our corporate services division has specialized in reducing the complexity, risk and cost of managing large domain portfolios for hundreds of North American brands, non-profits, law firms and government. We are accredited by ICANN and numerous domain registries for … Read more

Domain Name Monitoring Overview

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Protect brands by detecting fraudulent or infringing domain registrations fast. With thousands of different domain extensions, and with the ability for anyone to register copycat, counterfeit, or misspelled variations of your trademarks and brands at any time, companies need to be vigilant about protecting their intellectual property. Webnames Domain Name Monitoring allows your business to … Read more

Premium DNS Overview

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Webnames Corporate Premium DNS ensures that mission critical websites are secure, fast and always available. Premium DNS Highlights Take full control of your DNS and benefit from world-class performance, leading security features and expert DNS support when you need it. 15+ DNS record types, including ALIAS 100% uptime SLA Multi-layered DDoS protection Full service set-up, … Read more

Webinar: Managing IT Security Risk during COVID 19 Remote Work Challenges & Cybersecurity Threats

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Cybersecurity awareness training platforms are a simple yet powerful way to educate your staff on cyber risks and phishing email scams. Training is especially important when you do not have the ability to control the technology on your employees’ devices, in particular personal devices or home networks. What we talk about in this webinar: Some … Read more

One Flexible Billing System to manage multiple teams, roles and 1000+ domains

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With the potential for hundreds, even thousands, of small purchases across multiple departments, the accounting component of corporate domain management can be tedious. Webnames Corporate works with enterprises and organizations to alleviate accounting challenges and to meet their unique requirements regarding budgeting, billing, accounts payable and reporting. With a comprehensive range of accounting features and … Read more

Seven Best-Practices for SSL Managers

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The growth of a corporation often comes with the need for issuing more digital certificates to encrypt all the new websites, cloud infrastructure, mobile connections, and IoT devices. Digital certificates, commonly referred to as SSL or TLS, have reached the point that they have become a necessary part of doing business. In fact, not having … Read more

Security Products: Domains, DNS, Account Protection

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Protect critical domains and online properties with our comprehensive suite of security products and services. As cybercrime continues to increase worldwide, so does domain abuse, DDoS attacks, phishing, and data theft. These threats can have serious ramifications on revenue, brand reputation, and customer trust if critical services are impacted. Public companies, organizations and businesses need … Read more